Mortgage Brokers: Friend not Foe

If you’re a First Time Buyer or Home Mover, you will undoubtedly wonder what a mortgage broker does that you can’t do yourself.  After all, you know you best, and you know what you’re looking for – so why pay for a service that you could be able to do yourself?

Invaluable mortgage market advice

We would say this, but an independent mortgage broker’s advice will be second-to-none. Here are First Financial Solutions, we know our mortgage onions!   We want to build client relationships that last a lifetime, and so we’re not here to catch you out; the very opposite in fact.  We’re here to support you through the mortgage process and use our extensive knowledge and access to market products to help find an affordable mortgage that will benefit you and that meets your personal finance objectives.

Access to all mortgage products

A high street lender will sell you their products, and their products only.  As a customer, that’s just not good money sense.

An independent mortgage brokerage has access to the entire market.  That means that every mortgage product is available to us for consideration. There are a plethora of small, niche mortgage lenders providing specialist mortgages for the self-employed, self-builders, those with credit-rating issues, those with low deposits, older borrowers and so on.  High street lenders cannot cater for everyone and so a mortgage broker will identify the right lender for your particular situation.  That’s not to say that we don’t deal with high street lenders of course, because we do – but we have a wide network of lenders that we’ll review before helping you choose your mortgage product.

Usually, this will SAVE YOU MONEY – well beyond our service fee!

We’re in the property loop

We are a very experienced team of independent mortgage brokers and property investors.  Property is in our blood and we love what we do!

We work with many lenders daily, we know the process, we know the lenders and hopefully, we’ll soon get to know you too so that we can create the perfect mortgage match and get an offer in principle for you quickly.

We’re so much more than just mortgages

When you think of a mortgage broker, do you only think of mortgages?  When you buy your house your insurance will need to be reviewed including your home insurance and your financial protection policies.  These are also services that we provide on a whole-of-market basis.

If you would like to talk about financial protection, your mortgage review or home insurance, talk to First Mortgage Solutions today. A member of our experienced advisers will be happy to discuss any of our services with you. To get in touch call us on 01639 262222 or click here.

**Please be aware that your property may be repossessed if you fail to keep up with repayments on your mortgage.